Free coloring sheets to get you through the Corona crisis

(You can find the download manual in both english and danish below this introduction)

Coloring sheets are known to have a stress reducing effect, and reducing our stress is indeed what we need in these troubling days of the global coronavirus outbreak. We’re all in this crisis together. Coloring is something that can keep us occupied at home, and take away our Corona-concerns for a short while. When we take care of ourselves, at home, we also take care of the people around us.

The 24 drawings you'll find on this website are inspired by nature, by the love of different cultures, by dreams, love and curiosity. I made them 5 years ago and they have been living in my drawer since then. Now seems like the right time to give them new life. I hope you can find some peace and comfort when coloring them. The drawings can also be used for verbal storytelling.

These drawings are free to download. They can be printet on any kind of paper: ordinary paper, watercolor paper, marker paper. You can also color them digitally. Please notice that you need to download them before you print them, (and you may have to adjust the drawing to the paper before printing).

You can find more inspiration on hashtags like #coloringcoronaaway #coloringpages #coloringsheets #illustratorsagainstcovid19

Feel free to tag me (#monicalangelund) so I can see how you choose to color these drawings.

All kinds of artists are giving out fun, beautiful, free coloring pages during this corona crisis. You can find some of them via Instagram, and you'll find a selection in my highlights in my Instagram. 

Enjoy, and stay safe at home.


Monica Langelund

How to download the drawings:

You can only download one drawing at a time

Hold the curser on the drawing.

Then right click on the drawing

Choose ’save image as’

Open the image you saved.

Now you can print it by chhosing 'print'

Yes, it’s a little tricky, but I’m an artist, not a web designer 


Sådan downloader du tegningerne:

Du kan desværre kun downloade én tegning ad gangen

Du skal holde curseren på det valgte billede

Højreklik på billedet

Vælg ’gem billede som’

Åben billedet du gemte

Klik nu på ’udskriv’

Og ja, det er bøvlet, men jeg er kunstner, ikke webdesigner 


By downloading these files you agree that: You may only download, print and use the files for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use the files in products for resale, license or any other distribution. You may not superficially modify the files, print them on a t-shirt, poster, template or any other item, or sell it to others for reproduction or re-sale. All content on this website and rights to the files, without limitations, are retained by Monica Langelund Nielsen. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this agreement please contact monicalangelund@gmail dot com.